About Us

گلانه های آوالانچ

AvalancheRose has more than 30 production farms in total 50 hectares and has been active in growing different kinds of fresh cut roses in a best sold and well-known varieties distributed in domestic and international markets for more than a half century. Standing supply for such a long period, considering good customer service along with consistent quality has been the main reason behind our achievements and successes.

AvalancheRose group top international markets is Russia, Middle East, central Asia, as well as Europe, specially Netherlands since shipping cost from Iran to above mentioned locations are too low for our demanders to deny dealing with us when they calculate the final fees for receiving our product in their place considering a guaranteed premium quality of our product. and that is why our competitors from other countries located in other continents are not able to even compete us in supplying fresh roses to mentioned areas.

After all, now you are friendly suggested to check out our catalog and price list considering calculation of shipping cost to your intended location since afterward, we are definitely sure you will have an instant desire to become the next customer of our product.